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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions

1. Is it possible to recover all taxes paid, when you leave Norway?

  • Impossible. When leaving Norway, a client can recover taxes for the last year of employment according to the general procedure.

2. Does the tax authorities always refund money?

  • Not always. If a person has paid too little taxes, he may have to pay the debt of outstanding taxes.

3. Why do I have the debt in my final tax return (skattemelding)?

  • The debt takes place, if you pay too little taxes on your earnings. You should compare income and taxes that you plan in Skatt card. Each person is personally responsible for the accuracy of Skatt card. In order to avoid the debt next year, you should look at your Skatt card for this year and see if your actual earnings do not exceed the income planned by you. Change Skatt card.

4. My colleague has recovered a higher amount of money from Skatt than me. Why have I recovered less, though I earn the same as him and we pay the same taxes?

  • The amount of overpaid taxes to be refunded does not depend on the workplace. The circumstances of each person, which affect the amount to be refunded, are individual and they vary from person to person. Please fill in the questionnaire for clarification.

5. For how many years can I recover taxes?

  • A person can manage his/her income tax returns for the last 3 years. For example, in 2017 we can manage our income tax returns for 2016, 2015, and 2014 (Questionnaire is available here.) Norwegian tax authorities may ask to substantiate your tax returns for the last 10 years, in which case the tax returns shall be managed for the last 10 years.

6. What is Skattemelding?

  • It is an initial income tax return document from Skatteetaten (tax authority). This document is received on the 4th of April. First in Altinn system or later by mail. It must be looked at (for the accuracy of declared income, assets, and taxes) and supplemented with the exemptions that you are entitled to.
  • This must be done until the 30th of April.

7. What is Skatteoppgjr?

  • It is a final tax return document from Skatt (tax authority). It is received during the period from the end of June to the middle of October.

8. What are Altinn / MiniID codes?

  • These are the login codes for you to connect to your income tax return data. Once you are signed in, you will see all of the following documents (Skattemelding, Skatteoppgjr, etc.). Tax returns are managed with the help of codes (electronically).

9. What should I do, if I do not receive Altinn / MiniID codes for long?

  • We provide the code ordering service, but Skatteetaten (tax authority) sends codes automatically to the address, at which it is registered in Folkeregistre in Norway. If it takes time for you to receive the codes:
  • Check, if a correct address is indicated in Folkeregistre / Skatteetaten (maybe you have moved and did not change the old address).
  • Also check, if your name is on the mailbox.
  • Check, if any address at all is registered with Folkeregistre. There are cases, when people simply do not have any registered address in Norway and authorities do not know where to send mail.

10. Does the amount to be refunded under the income tax return depend on the documents submitted?

  • If tax authorities ask to submit certain documents, they must be submitted. Failure to submit necessary documents to Skatteetaten (Norwegian tax authorities) may result in changes in the amount of taxes to be refunded/paid.

11. Why did I receive less money on my account than indicated in Skattemelding?

  • Interest or debt to tax authorities from the last year, alimony, VAT tax, or such other taxes and fines might have been deducted. In any case you should receive the information on where your money has been directed by mail.

12. How could I find out the address that I am registered at in Norway?

  • Such information can only be provided by Skatteetaten Folkeregister.

13. When can I expect tax refund?

  • The period of tax refund is between 21 June and 25 October.

14. What is the minimum employment in Norway for pension entitlement?

  • You should have worked / paid taxes in Norway for 3 calendar years incessantly and earned at least 1.5 subsistence minimums per year (in 2016, 1 subsistence minimum is 92,576 NOK). Then you are qualified to receive pension.

15. When am I qualified to receive the unemployment relief upon the registration with Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration (NAV)?

  • You must be registered with Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration, be active in searching for employment, i.e. every 14 days, and furnish NAV with respective reports (meldekort).
  • You must have earned in Norway 1.5 subsistence minimums over the last calendar year ended (since 01/05/2016 the indicator 1 G reaches 92,576 NOK) or 3 subsistence minimums over the last 3 calendar years ended.
  • Workload must be reduced by 50 % and more.
  • Full-time students or persons, who attend day courses, are not entitled to the unemployment allowance.

16. If my children live abroad, am I entitled to benefits for children in Norway?

17. What cash benefits for children are EU citizens working in Norway entitled to?

  • Barnetrygd cash benefits for persons, who have children up to 18 years of age.
  • Kontantsttte cash benefits for persons, who have children, who do not go to kindergarten and who are between 1-2 years of age.

18. Everybody I know has already received Skatteoppgjr (final tax return). I have not received it yet. Why?

The reasons may be as follows:

  • You or your spouse has sole proprietorship (Enkeltmansforetak).
  • You have postponed the submission of tax return.
  • You have given wrong contact information.
  • You have submitted a revised paper (not electronic) tax return.
  • Skatteetaten can choose to verify random tax returns in more detail. Perhaps your tax return was among such tax returns.

19. How do I change the number of my bank account, onto which I would like to receive tax refund?

  • Tax refund will be made to the account, which is indicated in your initial tax return (Selvangivelse) or final tax return (Skatteoppgjre).
  • The account number may be changed until the 15th of May.
  • You may also give your foreign account number, but then tax authorities will deduct an international wire transfer fee.

20. By which date do I have to pay the debt to tax authorities?

  • If your debt exceeds 1000 NOK, this amount will be divided into two equal portions.
  • You will receive 2 payment checks by mail in September and October.
  • If the amount is smaller, it must be paid at once by the date of payment indicated in the payment check.

21.Can child's mother apply for benefits in her country?

  • Husband works in Norway, receives child benefit (NOK 970), a child and a mother live in their home country.If you have right for benefits both in your country and in Norway, NAV continues to pay, but only the difference between your country and Norwegian.

22.Is it possible to apply for child benefits in your country?

  • If the whole family lives in Norway, you should apply for family benefits only in Norway.

23.Any changes regarding child benefits from 01.01.2018?

  • If Norway is the primary payer, you will continue to receive a full payment from NAV.If you have the right to receive benefits both in your country and in Norway, NAV will continue to pay benefits, but only the difference between your country and Norwegian.

24.What are the deadlines for Tax Return Declaration?

  • It is possible to fill in a form from January, and we can already preliminary check your tax return declaration.

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